What is Zapsta?

Zapsta's cloud-based service exists to help solve many of life's little problems and everyday needs.

Our range of tags work with the Zapsta Cloud to help you keep track of valued people, possessions, and to give everything around you new meaning and purpose. Any object can now be interactive or responsive through the addition of a Zapsta Tag.

Because our tags require no batteries or charging and work globally they're extremely easy and fun to use, require no maintenance and whatever you do or wherever you are, we've got your back.

Introducing SOS tags

Zapsta's SOS tags are designed for anyone who values the ability to ensure that in an emergency situation, vital personal and medical data are instantly to hand. Ideal for cyclists, motorcyclists, builders, runners, extreme sports fans, etc

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How does it all work?

Once you've configured your tags and fitted them to your stuff, a simple tap from any NFC-enabled smartphone or mobile device will trigger our cloud to instantly 'ZAP' your chosen data to the users device. Our platform uses secure Web & NFC Technologies, just like your contactless payment cards. You can login, edit and update data or preferences from any device, anywhere in the world.


Tap or visit Zapsta.net

Activate your stickers using NFC or via our website.



Our web app works on any device or computer, globally. Use it to personalise your settings.



Permanently stick the tags to your kit – now go have fun.

Find out more

Check out our extensive FAQ to learn more about our technology, its uses and everything from compatible devices to becoming reseller.

Visit the Zapsta FAQ